Uncover a strategic browser game based on the infamous story of Merlin the mysterious wizard, and set in the dark and dangerous fantasy world of Westmore. In the free-to-play strategy game Chronicles of Merlin, players roam an alternate reality, in which the world’s greatest enemies and heroes roam. Befriend the great Robin Hood, hunt down and attack a Mongolian horde, and even embark no raids in pharaoh’s tomb – the possibilities are endless. In order to survive in the browser based game Chronicles of Merlin, it is essential that players build up allies and networks of heroes as quickly as possible.

The strategic browser game Chronicles of Merlin is based on ten epic chapters of campaigns, each one with its own difficulties, challenges, and environments. For every battle you must determine the formation of your army, and exactly where your infantry, cavalry and archer troops will be positioned. Employ heroes to oversee your troops, with one hero allocated to command their own group of soldiers. 

A key aspect of the online game Chronicles of Merlin is forming allies and allegiances with other players. This is especially critical for the special boss legion challenges at the end of each chapter, where strength in numbers will help you overcome your enemies. There is potential in the free-to-play browser game Chronicles of Merlin for large-scale battles with up to 500 heroes, and one million soldiers, so be sure to begin forming allies as soon as you start your Merlin adventure. 

Engage in turf wars, participate in quests, build up your troops, and strive to be the leader of the strongest and most feared army in the strategic browser game Chronicles of Merlin.

The game bears some notable features similar in other games published by Koramgame like Wartune or Serenia Fantasy.

Source: browsergames