Legend of Edda: Vengeance is a hardcore PVP MMO based on the Greek mythological conflict between the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. Previously known simply as "Legend of Edda," the reincarnated MMO keeps its deceivingly cute style and intense PVP and RVR gameplay, and introduces a host of new features, including an arena, achievements system, and improved game balance.

First off, to all the newbies out there, what is the game about? As with the story of the previous Legend of Edda, you play as a hero either on the side of the Greek Gods or in the side of the Titans.

So next, what changed in the game? The game developers from EYASoft and GamesCampus made some new changes to the system, which include:

- Revamped skill system where some classes have new and changed class skills
- Some economy balance tweaks as well as improved drop tables and more
- New set items with improved stats
- New costumes, mounts and pets are added
- Added weather effects which can affect some events such as drop rate and fishing rate
- It’s now in 3D! So you can rotate the screen view when you play

Personally, the best thing that’s changed in the game is the fact that you no longer lose EXP when your character dies. But the downside is that you also don’t get to resurrect on the same spot, so you will have to walk the long way back to your spot again.

Like the previous version of LOE (Legend of Edda), I really love the graphics. They are simply too cute to ignore; though some guys might not appreciate the girly cutesiness of the game graphics, it does not mean that they can’t learn to appreciate playing it.

However, like the old school MMORPGs, the “grind” for quest items is still there. So expect yourself to get quests like kiling 20 mad pigs to get 20 of blah blah items and such… but there’s now the “sacred wars” to keep your boredom out of the grind pitch, you get to go to war with other players in the other faction. Well, it’s definitely better than having to grind all day.

But, whatever! The game is still fun in terms of customization and the challenge of racing to the top levels is fun in it’s own way for both casual or hardcore gamers.

Source: playbuzz