Deutsche Telekom acts as games publisher and has fired the starting shot for "Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions". This strategy browser game can now be played on Open Beta; interested players can register for free.

"Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions" sends players into battle for power and supremacy in a devastated fantasy world torn apart by war. They slip into the role of a demon lord and wrestle with others to conquer the world and gain the title of arch-demon. To reach their goal and extend their area of power, they accumulate raw materials and expand their fortress. In a pact with other players, they survive against powerful opponents and can jointly destroy their enemies.

Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that follows the concept: collect resources, expand your fortress and build an mighty army of daemons to conquer a desolate and dark fantasy world. Players take the role of a daemon and defeat the Wylar, resuming the aeon-old war for power and supremacy.

From your Throne of Shadow, expand your empire and grapple with other daemon lords for world domination and the title of Archdaemon. To accomplish your goal, you need to amass resources and expand your fortress with increasingly fearsome structures. Summon bloodthirsty daemons, assemble your merciless legions and send them into battle against the Wylar and other daemon lords. Explore the expansive upperworld, establish further fortresses and extend your reach of power.

Collect and manage raw materials to construct a fortress with numerous buildings.
Set up an army of dreadful demons and hold epic battles as PvE / PvP.
Explore the extensive overworld, conquer fields of raw materials and expand your realm by constructing new fortresses.
Joint battles against alliances of other players to conquer the world.
Carry out numerous quests and collect experience points. 

The game was developed by the company SlipShift, an independent and experienced studio developing online games and mobile games, based in Berlin.

"Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions" can be played in full on a browser and it is not necessary to install or download a client – simply register free of charge at the official site.

Source: mmogreport