Mech Mice, the eagerly awaited game from Hyper Hippo Productions, has finally launched in to open beta! Fans of this new experience can now log on to to play and help test the game alongside the Hyper Hippo team prior to its full launch later in fall 2013.

To celebrate the launch of open beta, Hyper Hippo has just released a new teaser trailer with a dark twist and announced the “Mech Mice Founder” program, which provides fans with the opportunity to pre-order every future Mech Mice level, unlock custom units and much more. In addition, Hyper Hippo has also promised to match all pre-order purchases by donating free “Mech Mice Founder” accounts to various children’s charities around the world.

Mech Mice is a turn-based, tactical squad game featuring a rich storyline set in a fantasy world. Prior to creating Club Penguin, Lance Priebe, co-founder and Chief Creative Development Officer at Hyper Hippo, had an idea to create an online tactical strategy game involving penguins and snowballs. This idea is what eventually evolved in to what is known as Disney’s Club Penguin today. Tactic Strategy has a long rich history both online and offline in entertainment. The launch of Mech Mice in to open beta takes us back to that original vision, which has been inspired by great properties such as Heroscape and XCOM.

As strategic partners in the Mech Mice IP, Oktobor Animation, producer of children’s animation for Emmy award-winning shows, and Hyper Hippo plan to expand the property across various offline touch points in the near future. Whether it be through physical action figures, the animated series currently in development, and publishing opportunities, expect the story of Mech Mice to spread quickly.

Created for fans ages ten and up, Mech Mice challenges players to build their own squad of “Mech Mice” and help defend their way of life against the invading armies of the villainous Dark Union in a true underdog story. Within the world of Mech Mice, fans will engage in a safe community while leading their squads through a series of fun and challenging levels that incorporate turn-based strategy, skill management and the collection of digital action figures.

Additional information can be found on the brand new website.