Pantheon Legend is a new mobile card RPG from Gamebox a publisher behind games like General Wars and Wartune. The game allows players to collect hundreds of fantasy cards, upgrade, evolve and fuse them into powerful heroes.

It has aroused great guesses among players about the hero cards since Gamebox’s mysterious RPG card game Pantheon Legend has been made public. Today, ten hero cards are finally unveiled!

Arthur: the Great King, who pulled the sword from the stone. His skill is Judgment which deals spell damage against enemies of back rows.

Dante: the pioneer of Renaissance, the last poet of the mid-century and the first poet of the new century. His skill is Healing which recovers great HP for a single alliance unit.

Dracula: the charming and terrifying vampire in the mid-century mythology. His skill is Back Stab which deals a massive damage against a single enemy unit.

Hercules: Zeus's son, the unrivaled hero of Greece. He is the great hero who completed 12 “mission impossible”. His skill is Hammer which deals a massive damage against a single enemy unit.

Joan of Arc: a maiden who can hear the voices of the gods. She is the saint leading France to liberty during the Hundred Years' War. Her skill is Divine Cure which recovers great HP for a single alliance unit. 

Merlin: Mentor of the Great King. His skill is Storm which deals spell damage against the whole enemies.

Pandora: the incomparable beauty in the Greek mythology, let trouble, catastrophe and plague out of box. Her skill is Soul Storming which deals spell damage against enemies of back rows.

Prometheus: Shines the radiance of the gods over all humanity. His skill is Divine Light which recovers HP for all allies. 

Robin Hood: a noble bandit as free as the wind. His skill is Track Sword which deals damage against two random enemies.

Valkyrie: Soul Dancer, the reaper of warrior souls. She is the war goodness in the Norse Mythology. Her skill is Hurricane which deals spell damage against three random enemy units.

A card in Pantheon Legend has four evolutionary phases, so that each card can evolve into a more powerful card and undertake enemies alone under your caring. Build up your powerful team and become the king of all kings now! 

Pantheon Legend is a card RPG available on both web browser and IOS. Despite gameplays of card collecting and changing, upgrading, evolution and other RPG elements, it also has developed various interesting instances for your challenge. Pantheon Legend is now under final development. It is predicted that the game will come out in August. 

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