The Action MMORPG Onigiri by Cyberstep is entering the first Beta test on 1st August. Along with it will be an amazing bonus campaign: Play & Win an iPad! Three lucky players who participate in the beta will win an iPad Mini from Cyberstep!

Onigiri is the tale of another world, based on the myths, fables, stories, and legends of old Japan. You, a descendant of the ancient Oni, and your 8 companions, must set forth against the Kamigui and their hidden masters, the Goikkou.

Onigiri Contents

  • Action packed battle system that allows you to change weapons in an instant, putting a variety of skills at your command!
  • No MMORPG would be complete without PC parties, but in addition, your brave companions will accompany you!
  • The 8 companions don't just accompany you into battle, they bring their own specialties to assist your journey. As your bonds of friendship grow deeper, they are inspired to greater heights of ability. For example the merchant Miroku will sell better gear for a lower price, as you grow closer.

Onigiri Characters

Lady Shizuka

Ibaraki Douji

Now you only need to go straight to their main website at to sign up. Hope you will catch the big prize! Remeber to share that good news here!