Have you ever been at the zoo? Fun, right? Exotic, often dangerous animals that we could watch through the fence, please each child – even an adult. Thanks to Bigpoint, we can visit the zoo every day whenever your heart desires. What is more, the zoo belongs to us in ZooMumba.

Bigpoint has already accustomed us to high-quality browser games and ZooMumba is no different. This time we play the role of the zoo’s manager and our responsibilities will include ... Actually, everything that is connected with the work of all the employees.

The Manager

Our adventure starts with the tutorial, which few introductory missions will explain our responsibilities and show you how to expand our zoo, get animals and inform how not to get into debt. The gameplay is not too complicated . We’ll get it’s basics very quickly while putting more runs with new animals.

One might expect that our only task is to arrange the scenery and manage in such a way to make as much money as possible. However, the life of a manager isn’t so simple. Don’t expect to sit comfortably in a big, leather chair and smoke expensive cigars. Our tasks will include cleaning up after people, who do not know what a garbage can is, feeding and even playing with the animals to keep them in a good mood as the attractiveness of our park depends mostly on them – they attract more people.

Law of the jungle

As it happens in business, everything revolves around money. For all the basic pens, animals or fodders we pay with PetPennies, which we earn by keeping the zoo in a good condition.

The animals must be fed and in a good mood, sidewalks cleaned then we are certained that our customers will leave their money in our vending machines, souvenir shops and while buying food for the animals. The biggest sums of money we get from daily missions. For a certain number of specific actions we can even get a few hundred PetPennies along with a high experience number, which is necessary for promotion to the next level. From time to time, with a large sum of PetPennies we can buy a special animal specie, which rarity would attract customers. I guess everyone wants to see the real Rudolph, the famous red-nosed reindeer, am I right?

ZooMumba isn’t free from Premium currency-ZooDollars, for which we get the most attractive runs with even more attractive animals, as well as Super-feed and Super pills for ill animals. To make our work easier we hire suitable assistants , who help us in different areas - of course will only accept ZooDollars for their work. As you can see, there are lots of ways of spending ZooDollars, so if we want to have a really good zoo, we will have to buy a Premium package.

Walking through the Zoo

The game has a very clear, beautiful and colorful graphics. The youngest, because it is primarily addressed to them, will not have any problems with navigation in the colorful world of ZooMumba. The gameplay is simplified and we don’t need to log in all the time if we don’t want to. We don’t have to worry that our animals will starve to death. When we’re gone our animals cry, but we won’t lose any of them, even after a few days of absence.

Feed the gorilla

Due to ZooMamba’s atmosphere it can be played for hours, days or even months. Looking after the animals isn’t a sad duty, but a great fun. It’s a nice feeling to make our animals happy. The only thing that stands in our way on the path of happiness are ZooDollars. This does not mean that we cannot be happy without those few animals more. ZooMamba is worth attention, especially as it doesn’t need any downloading or installation.

Source: mmoparadise