So what’s new about Gamebox’s card game “Pantheon Legend”? After the publication of hero cards, all of the players must be curious about the power of the bosses rivaling those heroes. Take it easy. Let’s have a brief look at ten powerful bosses of divines and demons.

Python Midgard: the second kid of Loki. It is called the world serpent. It is so huge that it encircles the world entirely, grasping his own tail. It finally died together with Thor.
Nemean Lion: a ferocious and tough lion, killed by Hercules.
Vulcan Hephaestus: one of the 12 main gods of Greek. He is good at construction. It is said that Pandora box is his work.
Athena: one of the 12 main gods of Olympus, the master of wisdom and justice and the guard of the human world. How does she breed enmity with the heroes?
Prince Paris: a handsome young prince who eloped with the most beautiful woman in the world and caused the Trojan War.
Sphinx: the ancient monster with a lion body, a human head and huge wings. The famous riddle of the Sphinx and the symbol of Egypt - sphinx have to do with him.
Frigga: the goodness in grasp of marriage in Norse Mythology. She has the power of knowing everything in the world. She is the mother of Balder and Hoder.
Cyclops: one-eyed giants on the Sicily. They are pretty good at forging artifacts. Thunderbolts of Zeus, invisible helmet of Haddis and trident of Poseidon are their masterpieces.
Heimdall: the god who keeps watch for the Asgard. With keen eyesight and hearing, he guards before BiFrost Bridge day and night.
Odin: the god of all gods in Norse Mythology. Riding the eight-footed horse Sleipnir and holding marvelous gun Gungnir, he residents in Valhalla without a rival.

Pantheon Legend has in total sixteen main instances and three event instances. You’ll find special boss and unique plot in these instances. With brand new interface and skills, Pantheon Legend will bestow new interpretations on these heroes. Except for these above-mentioned bosses, other unexpected powerful enemies are also waiting for you. You can take them for your own use and form a powerful team after you defeat them.

Pantheon Legend is a card RPG that runs on both web browser and IOS. Despite the collection and changing of cards, upgrading, evolution and other RPG elements, it also has developed various interesting instances for your challenge. Pantheon Legend is now under development. It is predicted that the game will put into play in August. 

Source: Gamebox Site