Though the throne has been claimed after the elimination of the previous king, there is no shortage of challengers claiming their right to rule. You find yourself amidst all the turmoil in this Fantasy MMORPG - Broken Realm.

Before embarking on your quest to restore tranquility to this Broken Realm, you must choose which path you will take to reach that end, which will require you to elect one of the four playable classes. Should you choose to learn the ways of the Barbarian or Paladin, you will be thrust straight into the heat of battle as one of the two melee classes. If you prefer a more tactical, surgical approach to battle, then the Archer or Mage class will be more suited to your style, as you will blast your enemies from a distance with one of these two ranged classes. Additionally, you will be able to further strengthen your characters with one of the three available specializations for each class.

After all of this preparation, you mustn’t forget to properly equip yourself for battle. To do this you must obtain the various weapons and artifacts which appear throughout Broken Realm. These items are by no means easily acquired, but if you are able to get your hands on a Spirit Stone and infuse it with the power of the ancients, a new, extremely powerful mass-effect attack will find its way into your arsenal. With more diligence and adventuring, you will be able to improve this stone even further for increased power in the palm of your hand. If at this point you still feel the need to strengthen your hero, you can begin the arduous task of forging a mighty ancient weapon, the Malacris.

Though these weapons are incredibly powerful, they will be no use to you if you aren’t versed in the art of war. The only way to better yourself in terms of battle experience and knowledge lies on the battlefield itself. To advance beyond your humble beginnings to Master rank, and combine this with your newly forged weapons to absolutely obliterate anyone who stands in your path. With your land on the brink of total chaos, a hero is needed in this dire time to master the ways of these mystical classes and artifacts and bring peace back to the Broken Realm.

Source: browsergames