General War, the Gamebox’s latest MMORTS browser game, is releasing a new version introducing equipment set system along with the new server (July 24). This system allows players to collect and equip the different parts of an equipment set. When 2, 4 or 6 pieces of the set have been equipped, the set attribute bonus will be activated. Set equipment also has powerful basic attribution and growth attribution.

How can players get these sets? Junior set pieces can be obtained in instances by chance, while senior set have to be fused with frags. Besides frags, Blueprints and Trophies are also needed in the fusion. These materials can be obtained in instance droppings, Watchtower, and the last level of each campaign.

Moreover, a new server: San Diego has been launched on July 24th. Fans of the General War won't want to miss out on the 5th Server, which is giving tons of new server bonuses. 

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