Goodgame Galaxy is a free-to-play browser-based game set in space, where the player builds a simulated space station with habitats, factories and military units. The game is reminiscent of a PC game called Space Colony that came out in 2003. Another well-known game developed by Goodgame Studios set players in medieval time is Goodgame Empire.

Goodgame Galaxy has no music and almost no sound effects, contributing to the unfinished feel of the game. The settings menu has a toggle button for music that is grayed out, suggesting that there might be music coming. The only sound effects occur while attacking an enemy base, and include only a few stock laser noises. Compared to dead silence, this is an exciting part of the game. However, the units seem to fight independently once released with no further input from the gamer, who essentially gets to watch the battle unfold.

Another factor that could put off new users is the length of the tutorial at the beginning of the game. All strategy games have learning curves, but as the tutorial lasts all the way until Level 5, some players may wonder whether the tutorial is the entire game, with no goal other than to click where the big red flashing arrow is pointing. This portion of the game also incorporates excessive amounts of text.

Upon reaching Level 5, the player is asked to align with one of three factions. Servana Inc is the generic heroic faction focusing on the good of the galaxy. Lucky Star Systems is the generic villainous faction, and ProtoSyn is the generic opportunistic faction.

New missions center around expanding the space station, upgrading buildings, producing units and defeating enemy Gorox bases. The missions line up in a left-hand list that can be minimized, while current actions appear in a righthand list. Actions such as construction and upgrades can be completed faster by spending Space Cash, which is available for purchase with real world money.

Goodgame Galaxy has some flaws, but also has potential. The graphics are appealing, the theme is entertaining and the gameplay is very similar to other point-and-click web games. Some music, sound effects and storytelling would go a long way toward improving this game's potential popularity.